Bulldog Award

2022-2023 Grant Elementary Bulldog Award

At Grant, we recognize the importance of students achieving goals outside of academics alone. This year, the Bulldog Award will honor students who help Build a Great Community by serving others. Below are the requirements to earn the Bulldog Award for the 2022-2023 school year.

 To receive the Bulldog Award this year, students will complete and document service projects. Students must write a description of their project and either draw or take a picture of what they did.  In addition, there is a final summary that will be part of their submission. Please make sure that summaries are age appropriate (meaning a first grader’s descriptions will look much different than a sixth grader’s!) Students must complete 8 projects during the months of September through April in order to receive the Bulldog Award. Students should complete their writings and keep them in a presentation folder until April. Please see Mrs. Martinez in the office if you need a folder. Presentation folders, with all submissions included, are due on April 21, 2023.

Please see the document linked here for templates that can be downloaded and used to complete  project summaries. They include the category for the suggested monthly service project (you can do whichever project you would like for any particular month) and a box for a picture. Families are welcome to create their own format as long as all the required questions are included as well as an accompanying picture. Remember that you must complete 8 projects but you can do them in any timeframe that suits your family. You may do 3 projects one month and then skip a couple of months. You choose!

If you need any ideas for projects, please ask a teacher or Mrs. Burnside or check out these links:






Have fun!