Bulldog Award

2023-2024 Grant Elementary Bulldog Award


At Grant, we recognize the importance of students achieving goals outside of academics alone. This year’s Bulldog Award is all about doing activities that will help you build yourself and provide you with a strong foundation as you grow. Each of these skills are important as you grow and become an adult.  This year, activities must be done during the months designated.

Students should complete their writings and keep them in a presentation folder until spring. Please see Mrs. Martinez in the office if you need a folder. Presentation folders, with all submissions included, are due on May 1, 2024. 


  1. Attendance: All year – Be at school on time everyday throughout the school year. In order to earn the Bulldog Award you must be at school at least 90% of the time. This means you cannot have more than 14 combined absences, tardies, or early check-outs.
  1. Friendship: September or October – Invite someone in your class over to your home or for a fun activity somewhere. In your write-up, include who you invited, what you did, and two new things you learned about your new friend.
  1. Gratitude: November – Each day during the month, write about something you are grateful for. By the end of the month you should have something you are grateful for for each letter of the alphabet. Include this sheet with your packet.
  1. Generosity: December – Read Thank You, Omu or Listen to it here.  After you have listened to it, think about what you have learned. What was this story about?  Write about what we can learn from Omu in 2-3 complete sentences. Then, find one way you can be generous and write about what you did and how it benefited others and how you felt about it.
  1. College/Career: January – Go and visit either a college campus or someone at a career you have always wanted to learn more about. Take a picture of yourself and write a list of 5 things you learned on your visit.
  1. Kindness: February – Complete a Random Act of Kindness each week this month. Share what you did. Each activity should be different. Here are some ideas.  Write what you do each week, share your favorite activity and why it was your favorite!
  1. Growth Mindset: March – Identify 3-5 things that are hard for you that you would like to accomplish in the next year. Of those things on your list, which one do you want to accomplish first? Highlight or circle that one. Then, write out the steps or things you will need to do in order to be able to accomplish the goal before the end of the year. Remember having a growth mindset is acknowledging something might be hard now, but it will get easier!
  1. Diversity/Acceptance: April – Try food from a culture that you have never tried before. What did you try? What did you like? What didn’t you like?