2020-2021 New Student Registration


To register your *NEW* student at Grant Elementary School, please complete the following steps:

  • Make sure the student is living within our school’s boundaries.  Here for a link to a boundary map for Grant Elementary.
  • Students not living within these school boundaries must apply for a permit first and has been approved by the school’s principal. (Permits are done online now no longer at the District Office)
  • The Non-Resident Student Application Form is online, parents to go to: www.murrayschools.org 
    click on the parent link
    click on Non-Student Application 
    (instructions are on that link)

    Parents will pay first online

    • A $5.00 application fee is required to be paid at that time.
    Parents will then fill out the Application one per student (the system will only let parents fill out one application per student. Unless they have twins) 
    Click Submit
    Application will be forwarded to the requested school 
    • If your student is already enrolled as a NON-RESIDENT in MCSD and staying in the same school, you DO NOT need to re-apply. If your student will be switching schools, i.e. elementary school to junior high school, junior high school to Murray High, then you will need to go through the re-application process.
  • Complete the online registration for 2020-2021 at murrayschools.org (click on “Parents” tab, and select “Registration Materials”)
  • Please submit the following documents to the school office on (please call front office to make an appointment ):

If you don’t have access to a computer we have one at Grant Elementary School you may use to enroll your student online. This takes approx. 15 minutes per student. Please come prepared with the information you will need for registration (emergency contacts, addresses, phone numbers, etc.).

New students may not start school until the required documents have been submitted and online registration is completed.

*A NEW student is any student without an Aspire ID number. If your student has ever attended a Murray school, that student is not new. If you register your student as new but he/she is actually a current or former student, you will have to re-do the registration.