Grant Bulldog 100 Miler Award

The goal of the 100 miler award is to promote healthy lifestyle choices. We want to encourage all of our Grant Bulldogs to challenge themselves to walk or run 100 miles this year. There are many ways you can do this. If you walk to school each day you can have your parent or guardian measure the distance between your home and school on their odometer, or via google maps, or on a pedometer. Then you can record every day you walk to school and chart those miles. You can ask your family to take family walks together after school or over the weekend and chart those miles with a pedometer or using google maps to count the mileage. You can wear a pedometer while you play a sport outside of school like soccer or basketball then chart those miles on a pedometer tracking sheet. You can run or walk laps at school during recess and keep track of them on a lap tracking sheet. If you walk just two laps every school day starting in the first week of school until the deadline you can make 100 miles by the end of the year. If you miss a day just make up those laps by doing an extra couple of laps on another day. If you want to reach your goal early try walking three laps a day. You can do this by yourself or with friends and help cheer each other on. Visit the school webpage and print off the chart or charts you want to use to track your miles. Parents and guardians can help their students chart their miles over the course of the year then turn the chart/charts into the PTA. The deadline to turn in your tracking sheets will be May 1, 2020. Those students who reach their goal of 100 miles and turn their sheets into the PTA by the deadline will be awarded the 100 miler medal at the school awards assemble at the end of the year. There are many ways to reach your goal of 100 miles.We hope you will challenge yourself to reach this goal with us this year!  If you have any questions, please let me know.

100 Miler Award

100 Miler Lap

100 Miler Pedometer Tracker

100 Miler Walking to School Tracker